Google Adwords Qualified Professional in Fleetwood

PPC or Google Adwords as it is otherwise known :

Paid search is a flexible and powerful way to advertise online. We’ll make sure that every penny you spend is spent wisely so you get maximum returns for your investment.

As a Google Adwords Certified Professional we deliver work to a high standard and can provide the right solution for your businesses PPC spend. Our paid search approach encompasses PPC, social, remarketing and display. All working towards the central goal of driving a direct and hugely measurable ROI.


Paid search is a great way to target customers when they’re in the market for what you have to offer. It gives your business the opportunity to be visible for relevant, popular search terms that will drive visits and sales.

We use insights from your paid search campaigns to tweak our overall digital marketing strategy and make it even better. We test different key phrases, USPs and ads to improve performance across desktop, tablet & mobile, this data is then used to highlight and inform opportunities across other channels.

Display and Remarketing :

Through display marketing we can significantly improve your reach and increase levels of brand awareness. By working across specialist display platforms and gaining a clear understanding of your potential audience we will make sure your campaigns hit the mark.

Remarketing to an audience that has already engaged with your brand delivers increased revenue at low costs. We ensure that those customers who don’t convert on your site are reminded of you at key moments to encourage them to complete their journey.

Paid Social :

Getting your brand in front of the right demographics is the basis of any targeted marketing campaign. Pushing your content through paid social media strategies ticks this box. It provides you with the platform to push your brands content further than you ever thought possible. Not only keeping you front of mind for existing customers, but also picking up new ones along the way.

PPC Ad Click Incrementality :
Impact of organic rank on ad click incrementality, how often is a ad impression accompanied by an associated organic result.

Conversion Rate Optimisation :

They say the customer is always right. Well, we have to make sure that everything we do is right for them. It’s why we put them at the heart of our strategy to create a digital customer journey that they travel along from start to finish. Then come back for more.

We will create and run tests to pinpoint what works best for your business. Now, these might be little tweaks here and there but they all add up to a big difference to you and your ROI. It’s all part of the service.

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